Elexicon Energy has various services available to customers – whether it is to connect a new service, temporarily disconnect your service, upgrade your service, or remove service from a property – we can assist and make sure that it is done safely.

For more information about Service Isolation, Service Removal, or Connections and Upgrades see below.

Service Isolation

Requesting a Service Isolation means the electrical service to your property will be temporarily disconnected from Elexicon’s system, at your request, and isolated from our electrical sources.

Service Removal

Requesting a Service Removal means your property will no longer be able to receive electricity. This is a permanent step, usually conducted when a building is to be demolished. All Elexicon’s power equipment will be disconnected and physically removed.

Connections and Upgrades

At times you may need to upgrade or set up a new service on your property. Elexicon can help with this.

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