Do you need assistance from Elexicon Energy? Here is a list of who to contact to meet your specific needs.

Outage Information 1-866-579-6819

Emergency, Power Supply or Quality of Service, Branches on Wires

Ajax, Pickering, Whitby: 905-427-9870 x2210

All other service areas: 1-888-445-2881 x2210

Customer Care – Account Inquiries, Bills, Collections, Disconnections, Meter Reading, Rates

Ajax, Pickering Whitby: 905-427-9870 x7360

All other service areas: 1-888-445-2881 x7360

Tree Trimming, Transformer Maintenance and Repairs, Graffiti

Additional Meters, Backup Generators, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA), Isolations and Disconnect/Reconnect, Residential (Homes/Infills), Residential New Projects, Service Removal/Demolitions, Subdivisions, Temporary Services, Traffic Signals.


Electrical Vehicle Chargers, Fault levels, Calculations, Studies


Micro-Generation, MicroFIT/FIT


Joint Use – Third Party Attachments


Engineering/Asset Management – General Inquiries


Drawing Mark-up


Insurance Claims