If you are doing business renovations, upgrading equipment, building an addition, or other commercial projects, you may need to make a modification to your existing single phase electricity service from Elexicon Energy.

Examples of change requests can include:

  • Meter base relocation
  • Moving a meter from the inside to outside
  • Overhead to underground conversion
  • Pole relocations

Moving a meter: If you have an inside meter and are making changes to your residential service, Elexicon requires you to relocate your meter to an outside location.

Pole relocations: Elexicon’s Engineering Department processes all pole relocations. Please send all details, including location and work scope, to assetmanagement@elexiconenergy.com where an administrator will assign a Technician to your project and contact you with next steps.

For all other existing residential service modifications, follow Elexicon’s Service Request Process below. This is a similar process to building a new home (infill). Please see Guidelines for Building a New Home for additional information

Service Request Process