High Voltage Electrical Equipment

Elexicon Energy is committed to providing electrical services to our customers with the highest level of reliability as outlined in our Conditions of Service, and to help resolve any issue to the supply of electricity as quickly as possible. This includes any equipment that is operated at voltages in excess of 750V, known as ‘High Voltage’ equipment.

If your business owns such electrical equipment or has infrastructure on your property that houses or supports Elexicon-owned equipment, here is information you need to know.

Regular maintenance and inspections

Elexicon’s electrical equipment may be housed in customer-owned high voltage vaults or electrical rooms, as stand-alone facilities, or as part of an existing building envelope. In some cases, these facilities may not only contain Elexicon’s equipment, but customer-owned equipment as well.

Elexicon owns and is responsible for maintaining our electrical equipment through regular inspections to ensure the safety of our customers, the general public and employees.

Please note that Elexicon does not inspect or maintain equipment owned by customers. If you own electrical equipment, you are responsible for its regular inspection, maintenance, and repair to ensure the equipment remains fully operational and there are no safety or undue hazards to operators and the general public. This work includes room maintenance to ensure there are no obstructions, checking for proper ventilation, testing smoke detectors and more.

If customer-owned equipment is operated by Elexicon, Elexicon may require the customer to provide up-to-date records of its inspection and maintenance, so be sure to have documented records of all inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

Power outages and other issues

When there is a service disruption or any other issue related to the electrical supply to the customer’s facility, the first call is often to Elexicon. In such situations, Elexicon will send out its crews to investigate. If the identified problem is with customer-owned equipment, Elexicon crews are not authorized to repair it. They will, however, secure the site to make it safe. The customer representative will be notified to bring in their qualified and licensed electrical contractor to carry out the repair and maintenance, as required.

If necessary, Elexicon will provide an isolation to temporarily disconnect power so the work can be done safely. Please note that all modifications, repairs, and maintenance to customer-owned electrical equipment as a result will require approval from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) before re-energization.