When a tenant moves out of a rented home, a new tenant may not move in right away. In the time between one tenant leaving and the new one moving in, any electricity bills are the responsibility of the owner or landlord.

Landlord Agreement

By signing a Landlord Agreement, you authorize Elexicon Energy to automatically transfer responsibility for a rental unit’s electricity service to you when a tenant closes their account. This ensures the electricity remains in service at the property and that a new tenant doesn’t have to request reconnection and pay the associated fees.

With a Landlord Agreement, we will notify you by mail that a tenant has closed their account and provide the date the service will be transferred to your name. The Landlord Agreement includes your electricity rate option choice for Time-of-Use or Tiered Pricing.

If you are interested, please complete this Landlord Agreement form and send us a copy by mail, email or fax as outlined on the form.

Please note:

  • Elexicon may disconnect electricity to the rental property as soon as five (5) business days after an account is closed in the absence of a Landlord Agreement or a new sign-up by either the landlord or new tenant.
  • A disconnected service will only be reconnected during business hours.
  • Elexicon will not be responsible for any damages incurred as a result of your electricity service being disconnected and/or reconnected.

If you don’t have a tenant and want to switch your Time-of-Use or Tiered rate option, please visit our rate-options page.