Building a New House (Infill)

Infill refers to building a new home in an established neighbourhood by demolishing an existing home and constructing a new one on the property or constructing a home on a vacant lot.

If you’re building a new house and want to apply to Elexicon Energy to install a single low voltage residential service (infill), please follow these guidelines.

Number of Services

Elexicon will provide one electrical service to a property and allow/provide one meter per municipal address.

If the proposed development includes adding a basement apartment or unit with a separate meter, you must send Elexicon a copy of the approved building permit or letter from the city to show that the unit is a legal dwelling.

Be sure to communicate the full scope of work to Elexicon at the time of the initial application.

Elexicon Meter base Requirements

The meter base requirements are also included and identified in the standards that accompany the Service Layout and Offer to Connect.

Underground Right-of-Way Construction

Underground service work in the municipal right-of-way will require a Municipal Consent permit. Elexicon’s Connections Technician will review the options and costs with you before issuing the Offer to Connect. You are responsible for paying the permit fees and any other related costs which will be outlined in the Offer to Connect. Elexicon will apply to the Municipality for the permit after receiving the signed Offer to Connect and payment.

An Elexicon approved contractor will complete any right-of-way work required. The assigned Elexicon Technician can provide a list of contractors upon request.

Rural Site Access

The completion of project work by Elexicon is dependent on our ability to access the site. If your project site has water access only, such as an island property, include this in your application. Elexicon has a boat to access island sites which operates on a seasonal basis and not year-round. Contact Elexicon about the current access status.


All fees are outlined on the Offer to Connect, provided by Elexicon. New residential services will receive a Basic Connection Allowance (BCA) credit of $550 towards their project. Actual costs will apply for connection assets (excluding the meter) and installation beyond the BCA.

Application Process