Energy Retailers

You have choices when it comes to choosing your electricity provider. You can have electricity supplied to your home directly from Elexicon Energy or you can sign an electricity contract with an energy retailer.

Energy retailers are private companies and are not associated with utility companies. However, they are still licensed by the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) which ensures energy retailers follow laws and regulations that protect consumers.

Before entering an electricity contract with an energy retailer, be sure to do your homework and evaluate all possible options.

Tips for working with an energy retailer:

  • Do not sign an electricity contract with an energy retailer at your home. While they can give you information on their services, energy retailers are not allowed to leave a contract with a homeowner.
  • Make sure you get a business card from the energy retailer and look at the salesperson’s ID badge before proceeding with a contract.
  • Do not share personal information, like your electricity bill, unless you are sure you want to sign a contract.
  • Keep in mind that energy retailers are not affiliated with a utility or the government. However, they are licensed by the OEB.

If you are considering a retail electricity contract:

Want to better understand your energy choices?

The OEB regulates the electricity and natural gas sectors in Ontario.