Elexicon Energy is committed to facilitating the connection of customer owned generation equipment as required by the Ontario Energy Board’s (OEB) Distribution System Code.

This equipment, called Distributed Energy Resources, can be connected in the following three ways:

  • Net Metering
  • Load Displacement
  • Backup Generator (open or closed transition)

Net Metering

This option allows you to generate electricity for your own use through a renewable source (wind, water, solar radiation or agricultural biomass).

Net metering allows you to send electricity generated from renewable energy technologies to Elexicon’s distribution system for a credit towards your electricity costs. Excess generation credits can be carried forward for a consecutive 12 month period to offset future electricity costs.

Load Displacement

This option allows you to generate electricity to offset your business’ existing power demand. The total generation output must be less than the load consumption to ensure zero net power output into the utility grid. Any excess generation would not be credited to your business.

Backup Generator (open or closed transition)

You can install generator equipment to provide backup power to your business. These generators are not to be operated in parallel with the utility grid. The transition from utility source to the backup generator can be an open transition (no parallel) or momentary closed transition (<100 ms parallel).

To install a backup generator, please contact us:

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