With a Joint Use Pole Attachment, other utilities share the space on Elexicon Energy poles.

Telecommunications companies that have approved Joint Use Pole Attachment Agreement(s) with Elexicon may apply for permits to place equipment on Elexicon poles. Agreements are typically five (5) year terms, with renewals required before the expiry date.

Application Process

Step 1 – Customer Application Submission to Elexicon

Applications for Joint Use Agreements must include:

  • Elexicon Licensed Occupancy of Poles Form
  • Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) approved design with required pole analysis

Send all Joint Use Agreement requests and Permit requests to: jointuse@elexiconenergy.com.

Step 2 – Elexicon Review

A Connections Technician will review the application and provide a cost estimate. The Technician may also complete site visits, as required.

Step 3 – Customer Construction and Inspection

Once approved, the Connections Technician will send you the approved Agreement or Permit. You can proceed with your construction work as per the design and permit approval.

Once your construction work is complete, you have it inspected and submit a record of inspection to Elexicon.

Step 4 – Payment

You can deliver or mail your cheque to Elexicon’s Ajax Office. Make cheques payable to ‘Elexicon Energy Inc.’ and place in the drop box located at the front of the building’s glass doors or mail to:

Elexicon Energy
Attn: Connections Department, Joint Use
55 Taunton Road East
Ajax, ON L1T 3V3

Elexicon is currently accepting credit card payments and purchase orders (PO). Please note that all credit card payments are subject to an additional 1.75% fee on the total.