Micro-generation and Net Metering

Micro-generation is small-scale electricity production by residential and commercial customers using renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind turbines, biomass, geothermal and fuel cell. Elexicon Energy customers with electricity generation not exceeding 10kW may apply for net metered micro-generation.

Elexicon Energy customers in the MicroFIT Program also generate energy to offset their consumption. The excess generation is paid out to the customer by cheque. This program is no longer accepting new applications, and only existing contracts remain in effect.

Net metering allows Elexicon customers who generate power to sell the electricity they don’t use back to the grid. They receive credit towards their electricity bill for all energy they send to the grid. If this amount is greater than the electricity they’ve consumed, the customer will keep this as a credit on their account to be applied to their next bill.

Net Metering Application Process