FIT and MicroFIT Programs

Elexicon Energy supports programs aimed at conserving energy, reducing consumption, and developing renewable energy sources to power the future.

FIT Program

The Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Program was developed to promote greater use of renewable energy sources. These include wind, waterpower, renewable biomass, biogas, landfill gas and solar photovoltaic (solar PV) for electricity generating projects in Ontario. Participants in the program who supply energy include individuals, businesses and corporations that have met the eligibility requirements.

The FIT Program introduced a standardized way to contract for renewable energy generation, providing suppliers with a comprehensive guaranteed pricing structure and offering stable prices under long-term contracts. This was one of the first programs of its kind in North America.

The FIT Program stopped accepting applications in 2016.

MicroFIT Program

The MicroFIT Program is part of the FIT Program. It was established to support the development of small or ‘micro’ renewable electricity generation projects (10kW or less) such as solar panel installations.

Energy suppliers are paid a guaranteed price over a 20-year term (40 years for waterpower projects) for the electricity they produce and deliver to Ontario’s electricity grid.

The program is no longer accepting new applications.

Beacon – IESO Contract Portal

Beacon is the Independent Electricity System Operator’s (IESO) FIT and MicroFIT contract management tool. The portal was introduced in 2019 to allow energy suppliers to manage their active FIT and MicroFIT contracts online. Beacon consolidates all FIT contract information in one place.

Beacon is used to view information, manage contractual obligations, and send and receive notifications for existing FIT and MicroFit contracts.

Please contact IESO for more information about Beacon.

Transferring Ownership of an Existing Generation Account

To transfer an existing contract to a new person or entity, a MicroFIT supplier must “assign” the contract to a new supplier. Rules governing the assignment depend on the version number of the contract. Please see the IESO website for more details.

The existing owner must submit the change request to the IESO through the Beacon portal. Once submitted, Elexicon receives a notification and will reach out to the customer that is taking ownership to complete an Application and Agreement with Elexicon or a Transfer of Ownership Connection Agreement for FIT projects.