Electrical Service Removal - Demolitions

When a building is being demolished, moved to a new location, or repositioned on the same site, it is necessary to submit an electrical service removal request.

This means Elexicon Energy’s wires, transformers and other power equipment will be safely disconnected and removed, and your property will no longer receive electricity. There is no fee for a service removal.

If you require power at this location in the future, this is considered a new connection to the Elexicon distribution service, and you will incur an installation cost.

Service Removal Request Process

Step 1 – Customer Request to Elexicon

Complete the Service Removal Request form and submit it to:

Email: dservices@elexiconenergy.com

If there is a “Municipality Demolition Approval” form, please submit it at the same time.

Step 2 – Elexicon Schedules the Work

Based on the information provided, Elexicon will schedule the service removal to be completed within five (5) days from the service removal date indicated on the form or the date the form was received, whichever is later.

Meters located inside the premises are an exception to the standard timeline and will require an appointment. An Elexicon Coordinator will contact you to schedule the appointment based on Elexicon’s availability. You or your representative must be on site for this work to be completed.

Step 3 – Elexicon Completes the Service Removal

Once the service removal has been completed, Elexicon will email you the signed Municipality Demolition Approval form, if one was submitted.

Elexicon’s billing department will settle the account and send you a final bill.