Elexicon Energy has various services available to customers – whether it is to connect a new service, temporarily disconnect your service, upgrade your service, or remove service from a property fully – we can assist and make sure that it is done safely.

For more information about Service Isolation, Service Removal, or Connections and Upgrades see below.

Service Isolation

Requesting a Service Isolation means the electrical service to your property will be temporarily disconnected from Elexicon’s system, at your request, and isolated from our electrical sources. for a period lasting from service hours to several days.

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Service Removal

Requesting a Service Removal means your property will no longer be able to receive electricity. This is a permanent step, usually conducted when a building is to be demolished. All Elexicon’s power equipment will be disconnected and physically removed.

Connections and Upgrades

At times you may need to upgrade or set up new service on your property. Elexicon can help with this. 

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