The communities we serve are rapidly growing, and the need for decarbonization and renewable energy sources are becoming increasingly important. We aim to continue to provide our communities and customers with the latest advancements in technology as we progress through this journey.

We are global citizens, and we must work towards developing solutions to stop climate change and leaving a legacy for others. We will accomplish this by ensuring that our assets are resilient and by safely using innovative measures to support our existing systems.

Here are a few highlights on how we are creating a sustainable future:

  • Elexicon Energy was awarded the City of Pickering’s Sustainability Award for its work on Altona Towns Pre-Planned Nested Microgrid Community. The new development – Canada’s first – demonstrates the future of residential neighbourhoods and shows how microgrids can benefit homeowners while reducing the amount of electricity needed from the grid, helping make the provincial electricity system more affordable.
  • We are working with technology partner, Survalent, and a handful of other local utilities to enable distributed energy resources such as solar and wind power, energy storage and demand management tools, to ensure interoperability between the consumer and the electricity grid. The project will provide a platform that brings together real-time energy supply and consumption information at the local level, and gain a better understanding of how renewable energy sources can be sourced at a local level and contribute to clean, reliable and affordable energy to meet growing needs that include electric vehicles.
  • Elexicon Energy is participating in a regional household energy retrofit initiative called Durham Greener Homes. Inspired by Durham Region’s Community Energy Plan, the program was created to assist homeowners in navigating through the retrofit process to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. By 2050, the program hopes to remodel the majority of the over 200,000 existing single-family dwellings, including detached, semi-detached and row homes, resulting in an average energy savings of 40 to 50 per cent per household.

For more information check out our Elexicon Corporation’s 2022 Corporate, Environmental and Social Responsibility Report.