Energy Saving Tips for Business

There are many ways Elexicon Energy business customers can save money by being aware of their energy consumption and taking a few simple actions.

Install a programmable thermostat

Program your thermostat so it runs only during business hours and is off when your workplace is closed.

Buy and install Energy Star lights and appliances

Energy Star products are the most energy efficient in any product category, using considerably less energy than older models and other, non-Energy Star-rated appliances or lights. Many of the Energy Star products can cost more initially, but can save energy and money in the long run.

Use natural light

Take advantage of sunny days in winter by opening your workplace blinds early in the day. The sunlight will help warm your office. In the summer months, closing your blinds can keep your business cool and reduce your monthly air conditioning bill.

Unplug electronic devices

A single electronic device doesn’t use a huge amount of energy at any one time. However, if left on 24/7, these costs can add up, especially during mid-peak and on-peak periods. Check your electronic devices regularly to ensure they are unplugged when not being used, and turn off equipment at the end of the work day.

Insulate and/or winterize your office

If you own your building, make sure it is properly insulated to keep your heating and cooling system from working harder than it has to. If you notice your windows are drafty, consider replacing them or installing weather stripping to reduce the amount of heating or cooling leaving your building. If leasing, ask the management company to do the same.

Clean and maintain your appliances regularly

With regular maintenance, major appliances in your workplace can run efficiently, saving you money and energy. Clean your fridge and freezer coils annually, and change your furnace filters once a month, or hire someone to do it. If leasing, ensure your management company is performing these maintenance tasks.

Use your dishwasher sparingly

While convenient to use, dishwashers can consume a lot of electricity, particularly when used during on-peak periods, such as during the business day. Reducing your dishwasher use is an eco-friendly way of consuming less energy.  Only use your dishwasher when it is full and hand wash dishes in between, as necessary. The heat drying functionality uses a lot of energy, so switch to the air-dry function as a quick way to reduce your energy and your costs.