Are you planning a development project or other work that involves digging? Elexicon Energy has a network of underground wires, including power lines, that could be buried on the property. Hitting a cable or power line could result in serious injury, property damage or a power outage.

Before you dig, you must first contact Ontario One Call at least five (5) days in advance for a cable locate. Ontario One Call connects most developers and contractors with buried infrastructure owners, including Elexicon Energy and other utility providers, to ensure safe and responsible digging. It is your responsibility to notify buried infrastructure owners that are not affiliated with Ontario One Call before proceed with your project.

Requesting a cable locate is FREE, it’s easy, and it’s the law.

How to Request a Locate

CONTACT: A minimum of five business days before your project start date, submit a locate request on Ontario One Call’s website or at 1-800-400-2255, and Ontario One Call will notify underground infrastructure owners.

Required information:

  • Name and address of the property owner
  • Expected date of the project
  • Size of the area where digging will occur
  • Estimated depth of digging
  • Type of work (deck, fence, new development, etc.)
  • Method of digging (hand or machine)

LOCATE: A certified professional from Elexicon and each underground infrastructure owner will visit the property and mark the buried lines and cables.

DIG: Follow the instructions and safety guidelines provided by the locators.

To learn more, visit Ontario One Call.

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