Elexicon Energy understands there are situations that may require changes to the electrical services provided by our distribution infrastructure.

Contact Elexicon at gisgroup@elexiconenergy.com in the following cases.

Land Severance

If you are planning a property severance or sale, you will need to be aware of any registered or unregistered easements listed in the land title. You should also know if electrical services will be available to the new land parcels. Before proceeding with a land severance, contact Elexicon.


To ensure public and worker safety and allow space for the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, a minimum clearance is required. Any proposed variance within the minimum clearance must be submitted to and reviewed by Elexicon.

Building Permits

When applying for a building permit or making renovations to an existing structure, you must meet the requirements outlined in Elexicon’s Conditions of Service, and all applicable standards and laws. If your project does not meet the minimum required clearance around Elexicon’s electrical distribution infrastructure, contact Elexicon to review.