Installing an EV Charging Station

As electric vehicles (EV) become increasingly popular among Ontarians, charging stations are being installed in residential, commercial and industrial locations across the province. If you are planning to install an EV charging station at your business, here are some important steps to follow:

  1. Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor : An EV charging station must be installed by a Licensed Electrical Contractor in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code. Find or verify a Licensed Electrical Contractor.
  2. Obtain a permit: Make sure the contractor obtains a permit from the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) prior to starting the installation.
  3. Use certified equipment: Confirm that all equipment is certified for use in Canada by a nationally recognized certification agency – CSA, cUL, cETL – or displays other certification marks approved by the ESA.
  4. Request an electrical panel upgrade: Electric vehicles can use a lot of power which may be more than the electrical panel at some business locations can handle. If you need a panel upgrade, contact Elexicon Energy:

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