Residential Service Removal

When a customer/property owner requests a service removal, Elexicon Energy will remove all Elexicon-owned plant & equipment (power lines, transformer and meter). When this work is completed, there will be no power available to the premise and Elexicon will close the account.

There is no fee for a service removal.

If power is required at this location at a later date, the Customer will incur a cost to install a brand new service. This will be considered a new connection to the Elexicon distribution system. The Customer and Elexicon will follow the steps, processes and timelines for new connections set out in the Conditions of Service.

1. Submission to Elexicon

Submit the ‘Service Removal Request Form’. If there is a Municipality demolition form to be signed off, please submit this at the same time.

Submit the form to for Whitby or for all other areas.
2. Scheduling the Work

Based on the information provided, Elexicon will schedule the service removal to be completed within five (5) days from the indicated date service can be removed or date the form was received, whichever is the latter.

Meters located inside the premise are an exception to the standard timeline and will require an appointment, subject to Elexicon’s availability. For all inside meters, an Elexicon Coordinator will contact you to schedule the appointment. The customer or their representative must be present on site for this work.
3. Service Removal / Demolition Form Request

Service removal completed.

If a Municipality demolition form was provided, Elexicon will sign and return it by email to the customer after the work is completed.

Elexicon’s billing department will finalize the hydro account.