September 8, 2022

Pad-mounted Transformers (the green box): What are they and what do they do?

You see them along roads and sidewalks, in parks and on front lawns – those big green metal boxes. They are pad-mounted transformers, and they lower high voltage to standard voltage used to power electronics, appliances and lighting.

Pad-mounted Transformers - What are they and what do they do

How long do pad-mounted transformers last?

Like most electricity distribution equipment, pad-mounted transformers don’t last forever and need replacing. Residential pad-mounted transformers have an expected life span of about 30 years, but factors such as weather and salt can shorten it.

When the time does come to replace pad-mounted transformers, Elexicon Energy conducts a scheduled power interruption on the street or in the neighbourhood where the transformer(s) is/are located. The replacement work can take up to 8 hours (sometimes longer) to complete. Scheduled power interruptions protect the safety of our customers and crews while replacement and repair work is conducted.

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Staying safe near pad-mounted transformers

Like any other piece of electricity distribution equipment, pad-mounted transformers are locked and should be left alone, children should not play on or around them. If you see a transformer that is unlocked, has its door open or is damaged, please contact us immediately at 1-866-579-6819.

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Landscaping around pad-mounted transformers

Thinking about planting shrubs or plants around the padmounted transformer that is on your property? Be mindful it contains electrical cables that run underground. Never dig near one, and don’t plant shrubs or plants within one metre of the box or three metres on the access side of the box which is identified with a padlock. Shrubs and plants will make it difficult for our crews to find and access the box if there’s a power outage.

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