A severe storm or other unforeseen circumstances may cause a power outage and can damage your home’s electrical system. In this event, Elexicon Energy cannot reconnect your power until all repairs are completed and verified.

Hire a Licensed Electrical Contractor

To avoid the risk of injury or further damage, do not attempt major electrical repairs on your own. A Licensed Electrical Contractor will make the appropriate arrangements for permits, inspection, and reconnection of power.

Repairing Damaged Electrical Equipment at Home

  1. Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to perform repairs.
  2. The contractor will file for a permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to save a record of work.
  3. Once the contractor finalizes all repairs, they will notify the ESA and an inspector will confirm work has been appropriately completed and power can be restored.
  4. Elexicon will schedule a reconnection.
  5. Once repairs and power restoration are complete, ask your contractor for a copy of the ESA Certificate of Inspection for your records.

Short-Term Repairs

If you have been approved for temporary repairs by the ESA, these repairs must be made permanent.

Customers, homeowners, and Licensed Electrical Contractors are all required to fix electrical deficiencies as soon as possible. Under the Continuous Safety Services (CSS) Program, participants are also required to notify the ESA of the corrective action that is taking place within 30 days of the issuance of the defect(s).


If you are performing renovations on your home, follow these important steps before beginning:

  1. Contact Elexicon to update your account or set up a new account to ensure electrical services are available on your property when needed.
  2. Alert the ESA of your renovations in advance by completing a notification form.
  3. Be aware of the placement of the fuse or circuit breaker panel, electric meter, and electric water heater in your home to ensure the renovation will not impact these devices.
  4. Prior to doing an excavation on your property, contact “Ontario One Call” to have all utilities located.
  5. Provide written notice to Elexicon if your property will require the electricity to be disconnected for less than six months. Contact the ESA for any disconnection greater than six months.