Severe injury and damage can occur when water and electricity come into contact. Follow these safety tips to keep your employees and customers safe if a flood occurs at your business.

In the event of a flood:

  1. Do not enter the basement: High water levels may rise above electrical outlets, as well as electrically-powered equipment. This can cause an electrical threat, as electricity travels through water, creating a severe electrical shock.
  2. Contact Elexicon Energy (or your local utility provider): If water has risen above outlets, power cords, your furnace, or is near an electrical panel, it is essential to disconnect power from your building.
  3. Watch for damaged power lines in the area: Stay at least 10 metres away from damaged or downed power lines and call 9-1-1.

Sump Pumps and Water Pumping Devices

  • Sump pumps and water pumping devices remove water in basements during floods.
  • Keep water and sump pump electrical connections away from areas where they may be exposed to water, as these devices can increase the risk of electric shock when used in wet areas.
  • Use a ground fault circuit interrupter with water and sump pumps. Ground fault circuit interrupters will shut off any electric power circuit when it detects that current is flowing through an unexpected path, such as water.
  • Do not enter a flooded area until Elexicon Energy has disconnected your electricity and has established the site is safe to enter. 

Water-Damaged Electrical Systems

  • Never enter a flooded room when electrical equipment is plugged in or turned on. 
  • Contact a Licensed Electrical Contractor to evaluate and repair your water-damaged electrical systems.
  • Upon arrival, the Licensed Electrical Contractor will file for an electrical permit with the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) to maintain a record of completed work. When the contractor has completed the repairs, they will notify an ESA inspector to evaluate the repairs.
  • Once the inspection is complete, obtain the ESA’s Certificate of Inspection from the contractor for your records.
  • After repairs and inspections have been made, Elexicon can restore power to your business.