Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback is important to us!

Elexicon Energy is conducting a Customer Satisfaction Survey from now and through the month of November, to gather feedback on topics such as electricity pricing to customer communications and service satisfaction, among others.

Elexicon has partnered with UtilityPULSE – a professional market research company specializing in the utility sector – along with their data collection partner, the Logit Group, to conduct the survey.

Image for Customer Satisfaction Survey - Woman talking on the headset

Customers who have been randomly selected will receive a call or an email invitation from UtilityPULSE asking you to participate in the survey. The survey takes approximately ten (10) minutes to complete, and we would greatly appreciate your participation.

The survey is an important tool that helps Elexicon gauge and measure the effectiveness of our various services – what we’re doing well and where we might better focus attention to improve our service delivery.

If you have any questions or would like to verify the legitimacy of this survey, please contact Elexicon’s Customer Experience team at 1-888-445-2881.