Secondary Isolation (Disconnect/Reconnect) Guidelines

If you need to complete maintenance or repair work on your business, you can schedule an appointment, also known as a “disconnect/reconnect”, to isolate a secondary service at the meter or padmount transformer.

A reconnect is provided once work is complete and inspection requirements are met by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA).

The property owner or their designated representative (contractor or electrician) must be on site at the property for the disconnect and reconnect.


Customer TypeFirst Isolation (within rolling twelve months)Second and Subsequent Isolations (within rolling twelve months)
(No fee)
Whitby – No charge
All Other Areas - $65 + HST payment
Commercial (General Service) ­<50kW
Whitby – No charge
All Other Areas - $65 + HST payment
Whitby – No charge
All Other Areas - $65 + HST payment

There is no additional credit card fee or HST charged on deposits collected above. HST will be charged on the Connection Fee, and all credit card payments are subject to an additional 1.75% fee on the total.

Note: There are different fees for the areas outlined in the fee schedule because Elexicon is required to follow the Ontario Energy Board’s approved Tariff of Rates for our service districts which include temporary fees.

Late Reconnection Fees

The customer must complete all work and send a reconnection notice to Elexicon, with valid ESA Connection Authorization, before 2:30 pm for same day reconnection.

If the reconnect has not been completed prior to 2:30 pm, Elexicon has an after-hour charge of $185.00 + HST payable prior to the reconnect. Alternatively, you can schedule the reconnect for the next business day, during regular business hours, at no cost.

Rural Site Access

The completion of project work by Elexicon is dependent on our ability to access the site. If your project site has water access only, such as an island property, include this in your request. Elexicon has a boat to access island sites which operates on a seasonal basis and not year-round. Contact Elexicon about the current access status.

Routine Scheduled Appointments

Any of the following appointments can be booked with an isolation.

  • Panel change
    • Fuses to breakers or panel replacement (replacement/repairs). No change in service size/amp.
  • Tree trimming
  • Isolation for electrical work
  • Access to hydro vault
    • Fire alarm testing
  • Pest control
  • Outside home construction/repairs
    • Installing siding
  • Meter base repair
  • Back-up generator installation
    • Installing a generator, transfer switch (manual/automatic) or collar that does not send power back to the grid.

Secondary Isolation Request Process


An upgrade is required when you are changing an existing service’s size (for example, 100A to 200A). Not all upgrades can be completed with an isolation and may require an Elexicon Service Layout and Offer to Connect. See the steps below for details.

Upgrade Request Process